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* Dr. Schroeder listened. He Informed me of everything possible. He has a great bed side manner, very caring about his patients and is very knowledgable - Thank you for everything!


* I would definitely recommend this office!! I informed Lesley how much I appreciated the staff's care of me and also what a well designed office it was.... The exam rooms are very comfortable & clean. Dr. Schroeder takes his time during your appointment. He makes you feel completely comfortable - He doesn't rushh at all!!


* Dr. Schroeder's office was very helpful & easy to talk to regarding my concerns. The surgery itself was quick with no complications. I will return to Dr. Schroeder if i ever need Gynecological care again.


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff are always so kind, welcoming & professional. They made my procedure easy and helped with all my questions & concerns. I would recommend (and do) Dr. Schroeder to all women that have any gynecological issues.


* Dr. Schroeder expressed gentleness & concern for my well being. Office staff are incredibly friendly & caring. No one likes surgery, but I can't imagine a better team to have worked with.


* Big Thank You.. The service & care was exceptional - I couldn't be happier with my surgery outcome. It was a respectful, caring experience and my urinary incontinence has resolved.


* I felt comfortable and welcomed. Dr. Schroeder and his staff treated me with respect and scheduled me quickly. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for your care & support.


* I found my appointments with Dr. Schroeder to be professional & helpful with my condition. He handled my surgery beautifully and explained it all in detail. I'm most satisfied with not only his service, but that of his staff.


* I thank Dr. Schroeder & his staff. He took care of me right away after I was unable to get in to a see another Dr. in a timely manner. Dr. Schroeder was wonderful throughout this whole process. I have recommended several of my friends if they ever need a good surgeon for any gynecological problem.


* AMAZING experience from start to finish...Thank you all so very much!!


* I was very cared for throughout the whole process from my office visits, surgery and follow-up. I was treated with great respect as a patient.


* Dr. Schroeder was very quick to give me answers and resolve my many concerns/issues. I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. The staff was great as well. Their office runs very smooth.


* I have put this surgery off for years. I didn't feel comfortable about it until I met Dr. Schroeder. I was referred to him by my primary care physician.


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff provide excellent, compassionate care. I felt at ease on the day of surgery. In fact, the entire process from my first appointment to my post-op followup could not have been easier. Thank you so much for your quality of care.


* I am so glad that I was able to return to Dr. Schroeder's care after leaving the area for several years. I felt much more confident and at ease about my surgery with Dr. Schroeder. THANK YOU..


* I was surprised at the lack of pain after my surgery. My experience was very positive. Dr. Schroeder and every person I came into contact with at the hospital were so compassionate, caring, polite & friendly.


* I would not hesitate to refer family & friends to Dr. Schroeder. From beginning to end an uncertain & overwhelming experience was made safe, reassuring & comfortable!!


* I have told many people about Dr. Schroeder. I think he is great. You feel so at ease & comfortable. The office staff is so pleasant. He personally called me the day after surgery which I thought was great.


* Everything went better than expected. Dr. Schroeder explained everything and had a calm & respectful approach. Dr. Schroeder was compassionate and made me feel safe and at ease. I greatly appreciate the care and professionalism of the doctor, his staff & at the hospital (RRMC).


* I've been a patient of Dr. Schroeders for over 20 years. I have complete confidence in his ability to make the right decisions and diagnosis for me. I really appreciate his relaxed demeanor too.


* I was always treated respectfully & openly by Dr. Schroeder and his staff. He took the time to thoroughly listen and address my concerns in a timely manner. I truly felt welcomed as a patient. My appointment was not rushed in order to get to the next paitient. I would definitely refer my family & friends to this office. Thank you for your caring attitudes!


* Dr. Schroeder was very prompt. From my first visit to find out what was going on, to diagnosis and then to surgery. Due to the severity of my situation, Dr. Schroeder took care of everthing immediately. Thank you Dr. Schroeder and staff for your care and ability to take care of me in a quick & timely manner.


* Dear Dr. Schroeder, I am so very grateful to you for enabling me to resume a normal lifestyle. The perfectly fitted pessary has made an invaluable difference as I no longer suffer painful interludes and I am reassured no invasive cancer following the hysteroscopy. Thank you for your care and kindness.


* Dr. Schroeder and his entire staff are wonderful, thoughtful, courteous and are patient with all questions. They make what is a trying time as pleasant and easy as possible. A very positive atmosphere.


* Dr. Schroeder is one of the most genuine, caring doctors in this valley. I felt so comfortable with him the whole way. I appreciated the personal follow up call from him after my surgery. The staff is so kind and efficient. I love coming to this office and don't have any complaints.


* Dr. Schroeder and staff always make me feel like I'm their favorite patient. They are all personable, competent & compassionate.


* Dr. Schroeder has been a great Doctor. I appreciate the time he spent with me & how he explained everything in detail. Everyone in his office was kind and attentive. I would highly recommend Dr. Schroeder to any woman with gynecological issues.


* I have been a patient of Dr. Schroeder's for 26 years, from my first pregnancy through breast cancer and menopause. I have found him and his staff to be wonderfully supportive & completely consistent for the past quarter century.


* I am forever grateful for the care & understanding that I was provided. My quality of life has greatly improved following this surgery.


A few words from some of our patients...


* The office staff is very friendly and compassionate. Dr. Schroeder was very professional & explained the procedure in a manner that I could understand.


* I know it sounds crazy to call a surgical procedure wonderful, but it was! The staff here & at the hospital were amazing. They made everything, outside of the procedure itself, completely painless & pleasant.


* I appreciate everything everyone in the office has done for me. Your are truely great people!!


* The entire staff was professional & caring. Dr. Schroeder was wonderful! He is a very kind and caring doctor. His compassion is very evident.


* I was very nervous about my visit. From the very first appointment I was very comfortable. The girls were helpful and very nice. Dr. Schroeder always made sure I understood everything. I knew I could call any time and ask questions. I will definitely refer family and friends should they need any gynecological care. Dr. Schroeder and his staff are the greatest!


* I was very pleased with how quick I was able to get the surgery and very pleased with the whole staff. You all made this whole procedure very bearable. Thank You!


* Dr. Schroeder and all his staff treated me so kindly I almost felt more like family!! I hope I never have to have surgery again in my life but, he would be the one I'd return to if I did. I had heard great reports about him for many years - now I can add my own report of appreciation for his expertise!


* I absolutely love the way I was treated by everyone at Dr. Schroeder's office! What a caring bunch of people. Dr. Schroeder is my all time favorite doctor.


* Thank you all for the kindness & caring! You are all the very BEST! Thank you Dr. Schroeder for the best "scar' I've ever had.


* I wish I had found Dr. Schroeder sooner... The best surgical experience I've had. Easy Pre-Op - Easy Post-Op.


* The staff both at the Doctors office as well as RRMC treated me with compassion and respect. I have had many appointments and surgeries over the years and the Robotic Hysterectomy was the most pleasant & successful!


* I was very impressed with my whole medical experience. I was very fortunate to be almost pain free after Robotic hysterectomy. I've been up and active since my surgery.


* The Best Ever Care! Everyone was wonderful. Dr. Schroeder is so kind and I felt safe under his care - Thank you all. I am truly blessed.


* I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Schroede'rs office. The surgical procedure I had went smoothly to very well. The Dr. and his staff were fabulous from the initial appointment through follow-up care. The hospital expereince also went very well. I was very relieved to have such wonderful care.


* Everyone I talked to about having surgery had nothing but good praises about Dr. Schroeder, and they were all correct. Thanks so much!!


* Dr. Schrioeder and staff are all top notch! My experience from the time of contact, to walking into the office, consultation, surgery and post op care was excellent. I have to also comment on the cleanliness of the office. I have never been into an office (clinic) that was so well maintained. That attention to detail did not go unnoticed.


* Dr. Schhroeder and his staff have always treated me and my family with such great respect. Hearing that I had tumors and needed a hysterectomy was frightening But, Dr. Schroeder and staff completely made me feel at ease.


* My experience was great. My recovery from laparoscopic surgery was better than I expected. I wish I would have done this sooner. The staff is very efficient & kind. Everything was explained in a manner that I could understand.


* Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and help discover and fix my infertility problems. I went to many doctors before you and they all seemed to busy to really care. I felt cared for by you and your staff. My husband and I are very excited to meet our new little one. It has been a dream of ours for a long time (8 years of trying) and all because of you we finally get that blessing. Thanks again to you and your staff!


* Prior to my referral to Dr. Schroeder, I spent the previous year in constant pain and agony with no explanation. It was very frustrating. Everyone at Dr. Schroeder's office was always so helpful and caring. I really feel like my concerns and issues were taken seriously and treated properly. I had the Robotic Hysterectomy one week ago and I am feeling much better.


* Dr. Schroeder and his entire staff are incredible people! Not only did I feel genuinely cared for, but I felt I was in remarkably capable hands from start to finish. I even got a call from Dr. Schroeder while he was on vacation to check in and see how I was doing post-op. It is obvious that he loves what he does and he truly cares about his patients. He has hired staff that rival his care, calm & competence.


* My whole experience with the Robotic Hysterectomy was so positive! My concerns that I had healthwise were addressed and Dr. Schroeder explained what the solution was. From the start I felt at ease and knew I was in good hands. The staff at Asante was incredible! Thank You!


* Everything - start to finish - was excellent. After being dissatisfied with previous medical care, it was really nice to be heard and well cared for. Thank You!


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff have and continue to go above and beyond regarding my care.


* I appreciate the professionalism that was provided by staff. Dr. Schroeder is an excellent example of what a doctor should be.


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff were so helpful and compassionate! I was seen right away. They were accommodating and worked with me around my crazy schedule. I would recommend Dr. Schroeder to all women that need any gynecological surgery.


* Dr. Schroeder is the most caring Doctor I have ever had. He has always treated myself and mom as if we were family.


* Dr. Schroeder is so kind and caring. He takes his time explaining everything to me and he is such a great listener. My husband and sister have both come to appointments with me and both have said they love how comfortable the whole experience is at his office. Dr. Schroeder is a fantastic doctor. I trust and highly recommend him.


* I felt well taken care of and was in good hands. Dr. Schroeder was very professional and diagnosed my problem quickly. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery.


* Dr. Schroeder, Thank you so much for inviting me to observe your surgeries. It was an amazing experience! It was also a reminder of how far I've come. Twelve years ago I was the patient on your O.R. table, certain that my life was over because of uterine cancer and I would never get to experience the joys of parenthood. So, being back in the O.R. with you (only this time as a mother and soon-to-be RN) was both educational & surreal. I am truly grateful for all you do and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to observe the care you provide to your patients...



* Thank you Dr. Schroeder for doing my surgery. After hearing a few of my friends stories about their experience in surgery, I was bit afraid. But, mine couldn't have been easier. Surgery at 8:30 a.m. - home by 6:00 p.m.. I had no pain and have felt fine since. No change in my life except the cancer is gone and uterus too !


* This was my first time having any kind of surgery and everyone was very caring before, during and after the surgery. I definitely felt comfortable going in for the procedure. My chronic pelvic pain is gone !


* Dr. Schroeder has taken great care of me for the last several years. A friend referred me to him because of the myriad of issues I was having with my menstrual cycle. Dr. Schroeder was so patient and sought the best treatment for me. I feel respected & cared for by Dr. Schroeder and his entire staff.


* After going to multiple providers, Dr. Schroeder was the only one I felt listened to me. He was quick and thorough in my diagnosis and getting me scheduled for the procedure I needed. His staff is very friendly & respectful!


* Dr. Schroeder and staff were wonderful. Very helpful! I will recommend their office in the future. Thank you all so much for all you have done for me.


* I appreciated being able to talk to Dr. Schroeder & have him listen. I didn't feel rushed out of the office. He answered all of my questions with patience, even though I would forget and ask the same question again.


* Dr. Schroeder is an amazing doctor. In all my years of dealing with doctors, this is the first time I've ever experienced a doctor & staff treating me so good. If I could, I would have Dr. Schroeder as my primary doctor . He is the best!


* My gynecological problem was identified quickly and my surgery was scheduled soon after. Dr. Schroeder was compassionate & easy to talk to. The office staff were caring & answered all my questions. The service at Asante was great as well.


* I was very well cared for. All of you are very kind & respectful. Thank you for making this unpleasant experience a happy one!


* Since I have never been in a position to have a major medical situation, it was great that Dr. Schroeder & his staff made the process less stressful. Their compassion for my situation was above any other care I could hope for.


* The staff here was great! Everyone was very compassionate and respectful. Dr. Schroeder was so kind. My surgery went very well. Thank you all for your help!


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff were wonderful. They were all exceptionally kind and caring.


* Great doctor and staff!! Thank you for your professionalism... Love the pictures and DVD of my procedure!!


* I had a time crunch with my health insurance. Dr. Schroeder and staff got me in as soon as they could. I am very pleased and grateful for their knowledge and support! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.


* Excellent care from Dr. Schroeder and staff. The hospital staff was also excellent. I have already told my friends and co-workers how great they are.


* Dr. Schroeder and all of his staff were great! They all made me feel very welcome and cared for. I was very scared before I had my surgery and Dr. Schroeder explained everything step by step and re-assured me everything would be fine. That helped so much! Thank you Dr. Schroeder and staff - you all were great!!


* Lesley was always friendly and would cheerfully find out answers for my non-standard questions. Dr. Schroeder was thorough and made a clean diagnosis that had been missed. He answered questions patiently and completely. The office staff worked efficiently in a very caring way.


* I love you guys...I felt very well taken care of and comfortable. You do a terrific job!


* I was not looking forward to my appointment, But once in the office and meeting Dr. Schroeder & his staff, I was completely at ease. No waiting long for appointment...


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff are the BEST in the town of Medford!


* I was very happy with the compassion & care I received. The staff along with Dr. Schroeder were wonderful.


* I was referred to Dr. Schroeder by my primary care physician for post menopausal bleeding. Though a total stranger to me, Dr. Schroeder put me at ease and took the time I needed to feel comfortable. His confident attitude of the situation reduced my stress considerably. He is a caring, competent professional along with his staff. I understand why my doctor referred me to his office.


* Dr. Schroeder & staff are so caring and professional. They are clearly concerned with what is best for my health and dealing with concerns and symptoms in a vey quick manner to determine what was going on. Lesley was so wonderful everytime I called with questions. Both her and Dr. Schroeder followed up with me after my surgery and were genuinely concerned . I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality care from people who care!


* I had an excellent experience! Everyone went the extra mile for me and I greatly appreciate it! (Especially Lesley who is so very kind, caring, professional & who always returned my phone calls. An extra thank you for dealing with insurance issues, it was above & beyond.


* Dr. Schroeder has a kind, calm manner that gives me confidence in his expertise. When I found out I needed to have surgery, he explained why it was necessary and answered all my questions. The care at Dr. Schroeder's office is compassionate & professional.


* I was very impressed with the entire office - for a "nervous Nelly" like me, everyone was soooo patient!


* I would definitely recommend Dr. Schroeder to my friends and family... I am very satisfied with the outcome of my surgery and appreciate all he has done for me.


* I was really happy that I was referred to Dr. Schroeder. He made my situation easy to go through. I would and will pass on this experience to family & friends. Thank you so much!


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff treated me with dignity and respect. I felt like I was at home when I went in for my appointments!


* My experience with the whole staff at this office was oustanding from beginning to end. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend Dr. Schroeder and his staff to my daughter and best friend should they need it.


* When I first came to Dr. Schroeder I had no clue what was wrong and if he would be able to fix it. Dr. Schroeder put me at ease right away. He was gentle, caring & humorous. I was very comfortable explaining my issues, did not feel embarrassed at all. I feel so much better since surgery, I cannot express my graditude.


* Dr. Schroeder has always made me feel at ease and comfortable when considering a woman's delicate matters. His staff is always professional as well!


* Dr. Schroeder was excellent as well as his staff. I would definitely refer a friend or family member.


* Dr. Schroeder and his staff were terrific.They made me feel like their only patient.


* Dr. Schroeder is the ideal doctor! He's caring, gentle & funny. I always feel comfortable and know that I will be welll cared for. His staff is professional and sweet - and totally on top of the details. Thanks for the excellent care!


* All of youl were wonderful. From the referral process, surgery and after care, someone was always available to answer my questions. Thanks to all of you!


* Thank you Dr. Schroeder for being such an amazing doctor. I appreciate everything you have done for me. My Robotic hysterectomy went well for me and my recovery has been smooth going.


* Dr. Schroeder is an excellent physician that I have worked with on multiple health issues. He is knowledgeable, caring and professional. I would (and have) referred him to others.


* I was glad to get an appointment in a short amount of time. My surgery was scheduled right away as well. Dr. Schroeder was able to address my problem and put me at ease. I would not hesitate to see him again if the need arises.


* I couldn't ask for a better experience. The office staff was amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and were so compassionate. Dr. Schroeder was amazing and very caring. I would highly recommend him to all women with gynecological problems.


* I had such an incredibly positive experience with both the office staff and the surgical staff. The night before the surgery my mother couldn't sleep but I slept like a baby. I felt that secure in Dr Schroeder's surgical abilities. I recovered very quickly. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to getting back on with my active lifestyle.


* Dr. Schroeder & staff are fantastic.. A well minded staff. You feel very cared for. My Robotic hysterectomy was flawless and I feel so much better now. I was back to work in a week.


* I very much appreciate the professionalism and care that I received from Dr. Schroeder and his staff. Dr. Schroeder is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met. I would highly recommend him. My urinary incontinence has totally resolved after my outpatient sling procedure!


* Dr. Schroeder and staff made me feel very comfortable at his office & during my procedure. I would recommend him to all my friends & family. Very compassionate.


* I was so impressed with Dr. Schroeder's office. Everyone was so kind and efficient. There is not one thing I would change about this office. I am very please with the outcome of my surgery. I had the transobturator sling procedure and am doing well. I am grateful to have been referred to his office. Thanks to Dr. Schroeder and his staff!!!


* Dr. Schroeder is an amazing doctor and surgeon. He and his staff made me feel comfortable and their caring nature made me feel like more than a number. Dr. Schroeder is so knowledgeable and focused on improving his patients quality of life. I am so impressed by how easy my robotic hysterectomy was and how easy the recovery has been. I am feeling so much better and I owe it all to Dr. Schroeder and his staff. Thank You!


* I was referred to Dr. Schroeder by my PCP for uterine fibroids, heavy and painful periods. During my appointment, Dr. Schroeder felt it necessary to do an endometrial biopsy. I was very nervous and worried; however Dr. Schroeder and his staff were very kind and comforting. His staff called me promptly when my biopsy results were back. Dr. Schroeder discussed all alternatives in a manner that I could understand. I decided on the Hysterectomy and Trans-Obturator Sling Procedure. Dr. Schroeder's staff spent extra time with me on the phone for I had many questions. They all went above and beyond. After my pre-op appointment, I felt reassured and ready to proceed. I knew I was in great hands. I was also impressed with the hospital (RRMC) and their whole staff. I am very happy with my outcome. I was in great hands from start to finish and would recommend all women with gynecological problems to Dr. Schroeder.


* Dr. Schroeder was very thorough in educating me about my options. He allowed my husband and I as much time as we needed to make a day of surgery decision so that we felt comfortable in our choice based on pre-op findings. Dr. Schroeder was very compassionate during my stay at the hospital and made a point of checking on me pre-op and several times post-op. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schroeder to my friends.


* Love Dr. Schroeder! I felt very comfortable at all my appts. He explained everything in a manner that I could understand. The day of surgey he came into my room beforehand, met with my husband and I and explained to us everything that was going to take place. He also met with my hiusband right after the surgery to let him know how things went.


* After several referrals, I called Dr. Schroeder. I am beyond pleased with his compassion, professionalism and honesty. He is and amazing doctor and person. I highly reccommend him. All staff were great!


* I was pleased and happy with the outcome of my surgery. I have referred two friends to Dr. Schroeder. My everyday life has changed because of the procedure I had done.


* I would like to thank Dr. Schroeder and staff for helping me get my surgery done in a timely manner so that I didn't have to go through much more pain. He is a great surgeon. I no longer have constant pain which caused me to miss work.


* I was treated very well and in a professional and friendly manner. I feel Dr. Schroeder is a caring doctor. The staff was very nice also.


* I'm 84 and had robotic hysterectomy for uterine cancer... Smooth from the beginning to the end. Extremely fast recovery and virtually no pain.


* I was very nervous about having a hysterectomy. Dr. Schroeder assured me that the Robotic Hysterectomy would be the best in my situation and the recovery would be faster. "Was he ever right!" I went home the same day and felt great within a week. The hospital experience was was equally as pleasant. The staff was friendly and attentive. I would recomment both Dr. Schroeder and Asante to all my friends and family.


* To receive a call from my doctor personally was the most remarkable thing. Dr. Schroeder called me at the hospital at 10:30 p.m. before I was released and then again on the Saturday after my surgery. The personal touch that runs through this office was truly heart touching for me.


* Dr. Schroeder, I wanted to thank you for the pamphlet you sent me on PCOS which has been very useful in understading my diagnosis. I appreciate immeasurably your consideration, as well as the compassion with which you talked me through an unexpected ultrasound. You are a gifted physician and I am blessed to be under your good care.


* Dr. Schroeder… You “hit the nail on the head”! I had a right femoral hernia. And, now that it’s been repaired my leg pain is gone. Thank you for solving my problem. I came to you with a 5 cm cyst in my right ovary that I was sure was the cause of my pain. After evaluation, you told me that I didn’t need laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst but needed to see a general surgeon to have my hernia fixed. Thank you for getting me to where I needed to be and not doing unnecessary gynecologic surgery!


* I am so happy I got a 2nd opinion and that Dr. McMahon referred me to Dr. Schroeder. I will tell all my friends that if they need a good GYN/Surgeon, this is where they need to go. The staff was great!


* My experience with Dr. Schroeder, Lesley & Carolyn have been amazing. The customer service provided here has exceeded my expectations. Everyone is professional yet down to earth & funny - They are all Fantastic !


* I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Schroeder & staff. From the first phone call I felt compassion & patience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schroeder to all women with female issues.


* Dr. Schroeder and his entire staff were awesome. They made a very unpleasant situation with my health a very calm and pleasant experience. I appreciate all of you!


* You are the best. I have been extremely satisfied with the care I have received. The Doctor has gone above and beyond to help me with my issue. Thank you for everything you have done for me!


* It has been a pleasure visiting this office at every appointment. Everyone is so kind and compassionate. All questions are answered right away. Thank you for taking great care of me!


* I was very comforted by the confidence and gentleness shown by Dr. schroeder and all his staff in preparation for surgery. All around awesome experience with them!


* The whole office is superb! They have a kind and caring way that made my experience much better than I expected.


* BEST CARE EVER ! I will refer friends & family without a doubt!


* My experience throughout the entire process was very positive. Knowing that I was in great hands along the way put my mind at ease. Thank you all for taking such great care of me.


* I am very pleased with the care I have received at this office. I have been battling female issues for 10 years. At my first appt. with Dr. Schroeder, a plan was put into action. I had the Robotic assisted Hysterectomy. It has been 7 days since my surgery and am doing great, just a little tired. I am so grateful that my primary care doctor at the White City Medical Clinic referred me to Dr. Schroeder's office.


* The office staff was very very special as well as professional. The office setting was unusually attractive & comforting.


* Dr. Schroeder is a wonderful doctor. I never felt pressured or rushed with a decision to have surgery. He explained everything in detail. His staff was top notch and very friendly.


* Dr. Schroeder listened to my issues and concerns. His explanations were very thorough and he answered all my questions. I had the Robotic assisted hysterectomy. Excellent outcome!


* I greatly appreciate the experience I had concerning my surgery. I was blessed by all the Doctor and staff did to facilitate my surgery and recovery. I would recommend them to everyone needing the bladder sling surgery.


* Dr. Schroeder & his staff make you feel like you are family. As you enter the office, you see Lesley's smiling face and upbeat attitude. Dr. Schroeder's medical assistant is just as kind and efficient. My surgery was an out patient that I wish I would have done years ago. I can't wait to enjoy my new life without monthly obstacles.


* I was extremely satisfied with the care and treatment I received. I would recommend Dr. Schroeder to anyone with gynecological problems.


* Dr. Schroeder was fantastic. He took the time to clearly explain the surgery I was having. He even called to check in the morning after surgery. His staff was great as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Schroeder!


* I received wonderful care and will continue to see Dr. Schroeder, as well as, recommend him to my friends. After surgery I felt immediate relief of the pain I was experiencing.


* Dr. Schroeder is an exceptionally kind surgeon.  He listens to your concerns, evaluates your situation and gives the advice based on your individual life & needs.  Lesley and Carolyn were always quick to call back to answer questions.  I would highly recommend their office.


* I was very happy with the care I received. Dr. Schroeder and his staff have treated me with respect and care each time I have seen him. My husband was very impressed with Dr. Schroeder when he talked to him after my procedure. He said that Dr. Schroeder explained the procedure and outcome in a way that he could understand.


* I am very pleased with the service I received from both Dr. Schroeder and his office staff. They are friendly, caring & professional.


* I was very very satisfied with Dr. Schroeder and his staff - Well organized, knowledgeable, friendly. Every visit was a pleasure. They provide the highest quality of care! Thank You!


* In all my visits with Dr. Schroeder it has been absolutely amazing, from his office staff both in Medford & Lakeview to he himself. Everyone has been more than accommodating in everyway. I have and will continue to refer anyone who asks me about my experience with Dr. Schroeder & his staff. They are wonderful!


* I had the Da Vinci Robotic hysterectomy. In just a few days I was feeling fine. I was back to work in four days. I have been feeling terific since. Thank You Dr. Schroeder!


* I was very happy with the care I received from Dr. Schroeder & his staff. They are all very caring, compassionate people and I would highly recommend them.


* Had I known how easy the recovery for daVinci Robotic hysterectomy would be I would have had it done a long time ago. Dr. Schroeder made it seem seamless and made sure that all of my questions were answered and I was comfortable. The staff at the hospital and the anesthesiologist were also awesome! SURGERY? WHAT SURGERY?


* Dr. Schroeder is never patronizing, which is a big plus. He delivers compassionate care from a place of confidence that "infects" the patient. Many thanks! I'm so happy I found you Dr. Schroeder!


* Doctor Schroeder !!! I have to let you know that it is amazing how wonderful it is to not have to wear a pad after all of these years... 1996 was when the need started...and the miracle little pills. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


* Dr. Schroeder is a great Doctor & also the staff. I would recommend this office to all my friends. I've already told them how I felt - and the good care at Asante.


* I had the Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. It went very well... I would definitely recommend that women considering hysterectomy go see Dr. Schroeder.


* Dr. Schroeder called me personally the morning after my surgery to see how I was doing.... I thought that was very nice. It made me feel like he really does care alot for his patients.Thank you for the great care!.


* I was very pleased with the care I received from both Dr. Schroeder and staff (and the staff at RRMC) I had had an unpleasant experience with another gynecological surgeon in the area before I was referred to Dr. Schroeder. I am very pleased it worked out the way it did. The surgery and my swift recovery have been amazing...


* My experience was amazing. I have been sick for months and after my hysterectomy I am recovering quicker than anticipated. Dr. Schroeder is so kind, gentle and compassionate. Not to mention thorough. His staff is equally kind and considerate about your feelings and recovery. Thank you so much for the awesome care that was exhibited. I would recommend Dr. Schroeder highly. I have heard nothing but great things about him from others. Dr. Schroeder you have a GREAT reputation and it is hard to find a doctor who cares as much as you! Thank You!


* I really can't say I have ever been to such a professional yet very comfortable & friendly doctor's office before. From the 1st phone call to my last visit after my procedure has been a very pleasant experience. Thank your for fixing my problem!


* The care I received through Dr. Schroeder's office was amazing, compassionate & professional. My appointment was made quickly. Dr. Schroeder had reviewed my chart before speaking with me. He gave me a diagnosis, explanation and treatment plan that I could understand and embrace. Before my surgery, Dr. Schroeder came in and reviewed my surgical plan and answered a few last minute questions. I would refer my friends and family to Dr. Schroeder's office.


* Dr. Schroeder was my OB Doctor & delivered my son almost 12 years ago. Now I am fortunate to have him do my vaginal hysterectomy & fix my bladder incontinence. My experience with him and his staff was amazing. The surgery went very smooth. I had no complications and healed quickly. I would refer any woman with female issues to him.


* Dr. Paul Schroeder and his staff are very kind and professional. At every visit, phone call and procedure, Dr. Schroeder showed the utmost respect, compassion and knowledge. I would highly reccomend Dr. Schroder and his staff for any of your gynecological needs. Thank You!


* After seeing Dr. Schroeder for the first time, I went in for my first surgery. During this process he was there for me. He had answers to all my concerns. I felt very cared for which isn't something you find in many doctors. I would certainly recommend him to anyone that needed a caring Gynecologist/Surgeon.





Following are testimonials posted on the Asante Website regarding the da Vinci Robotic hysterectomy patients of Dr. Paul Schroeder.



Gentle Approach to Tough Surgery

Patient testimonial—


Kim  had better things to do. As a full-time medical assistant and busy mom of two teenage daughters, surgery was not in her plan. But when doctors discovered fibroid tumors had grown to fill Kim’s pelvis and lower abdomen, she was left with no choice. She needed a hysterectomy.


“I was very afraid to have one,” Kim says. “But, things just progressively went downhill very quickly, and it had to be done.”


She sought out respected surgeon, Paul Schroeder, MD, FACOG. Because Kim’s uterus was so large, Dr. Schroeder conducted a pelvic exam under anesthesia to see if minimally-invasive surgery was feasible. Fortunately, “I felt robotic surgery was the best and safest approach,” he says.


Robotic-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy, available to women at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, offers several advantages over an abdominal surgery, including smaller incisions and less wear on the body. “It’s not a ‘failure’ or a ‘complication’ if we have to open, but it’s always preferable if we can accomplish a minimally invasive approach,” Dr. Schroeder says.


Kim went into surgery with a list of concerns. Would she endure pain and emotional symptoms? Would it take months to recover? “I worried, what if I fall apart like other women I’ve seen?” she recalls.


Thanks to robotic surgery, these worries subsided quickly. “I didn’t realize you could have a hysterectomy and go home that same day,” she says. Kim took prescription pain pills for a few days, followed by over-the-counter ibuprofen for two days, then nothing. She recalls feeling tired but not uncomfortable. Best of all, Kim says, “I didn’t have any bleeding after the surgery. That was the most shocking thing.”


Two weeks after surgery, Kim returned to work part-time. After four weeks, she was on the job full-time and free of the chronic symptoms she experienced before surgery. “I was rafting down the river after five weeks,” Kim says. “I was very impressed.”


Kim attributes her comparatively easy recovery to the robotic advantage. “We were all thrilled that Dr. Schroeder was able to do it that way so he didn’t have to cut me open,” Kim says. “It changed the whole outcome.”


About da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy

The da Vinci Surgical System is a laparoscopic surgical robot that integrates advanced computer imagery and robotic technology with a surgeon’s expert skills. Through small incisions, the surgeon inserts tiny instruments and a high-definition camera into the surgical site. While seated at a computer console, the surgeon views a magnified, high-resolution 3-D image of the patient’s inner body and controls the robot’s movements. The da Vinci Surgical System imitates the maneuvers of a surgeon in real-time, offering greater accuracy, flexibility, range of motion, and comfort.


Advantages for the patient include less bleeding and wear on the body, reduced discomfort following surgery, and a shorter recovery time. Many patients go home the same day.


* da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy: Easier Recovery
Patient testimonial—


A hysterectomy is an intensely personal experience. Does it have to be painful, too? Not anymore, thanks to da Vinci robotic surgery


This state-of-the-art procedure, now offered at RVMC, uses robotic and computerized 3-D technology to perform hysterectomies with smaller incisions and less wear on the body. As a result, patients experience far less pain and discomfort than with traditional, abdominal surgery.


“It was fantastic. I am very happy to live in this modern age,” says  a recent da Vinci surgery patient at RVMC. “I was home the same day, up and feeling better right away, totally off the pain meds in two days and back swimming laps in two weeks.” Three weeks after surgery, patient  says, her energy level was almost completely back to normal.


Prior to her hysterectomy, she had surgery on her bladder as well as laparoscopic surgery to remove her gall bladder. Compared to both procedures, her hysterectomy was “even easier for a much more complicated surgery,” she says. “It was a much better experience for me.”


Scarring from these previous surgeries, combined with patients  large fibroid tumors and severe endometriosis, might have made laparoscopic surgery impossible without the robot. But the da Vinci surgical system gives physicians more flexibility and accuracy, enabling women like her to have the option of a less invasive surgery.


“I’ve been a gynecologic surgeon now for over 25 years, and I’m stunned at how much better my patients are doing after robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery,” says  surgeon Paul Schroeder, MD, FACOG. “It is a delightful step forward for me and my patients! This is progress!”



da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy: Alternative to Abdominal Surgery
Patient testimonial—


Minimally invasive hysterectomies have been available for years. They’re good options—for women who qualify.  Unfortunately, many women don’t.  A variety of factors can make a vaginal or laparoscopic procedure difficult, such as large fibroids, endometriosis, or scarring from previous surgeries. In those cases, most doctors recommend abdominal hysterectomy, a traditional surgery requiring a large incision and a long, uncomfortable recovery.


Until now,   Da Vinci robotic surgery—a new, highly advanced procedure available at RVMC—is changing the way physicians and their patients look at hysterectomies.


“The robot allows gynecologists to avoid abdominal hysterectomy in most cases,” says Paul Schroeder, MD, FACOG, gynecologic surgeon at RVMC. “In this country today, more than 50 percent of hysterectomies are still done abdominally, and the robot can dramatically reduce that rate.”


It worked for me says a Central Point resident who underwent da Vinci surgery on May 24. “It’s like a miracle,” she says. “I talked to other women who had their surgeries the other way; they were off work for eight weeks and couldn’t do anything for six weeks. I was up and active—vacuuming the house—after the first week. It’s amazing, the difference.”


Prior to her surgery, she had the advantage of seeing a friend bounce back quickly from robotic hysterectomy at RVMC.  So when Dr. Schroeder offered the option, she took it with no reservations. She was in the hospital just 12 hours and went home the same night. Compared to her high expectations, she rates her surgery “a 10.”


I had my robotic hysterectomy on a Thursday. I took nothing but ibuprofen for pain on Friday and nothing since. I went to work on the following Monday and worked a full 40 hour week. The whole procedure was amazing and I could not have asked for a better result.


“Dr. Schroeder is an amazing man, a very talented and caring person,” she says. “I would definitely recommend this surgery to other women.”


da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy: Shorter Recovery Time
Patient testimonial—


I have places to go this September says one of Dr. Schroeder’s patients.  I will travel to South America for a long-awaited hiking adventure. When anemia drained my energy and threatened to thwart the trip, I made the tough decision to have a hysterectomy.


“I was running against time for my recovery, to start getting my blood cells back to a good oxygen carrying capacity,” she says. Gynecologic surgeon Paul Schroeder, MD, FACOG, offered her an advanced, minimally invasive procedure called da Vinci robotic surgery. “He told me I could be back to work in three weeks. Those were the magic words.”


“Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery is an exciting new tool for us and for our patients,” says Dr. Schroeder. Women who have traditional, abdominal hysterectomies can expect to be in the hospital for three to five days and off work for six weeks. With da Vinci, Dr. Schroeder says, patients usually go home the same day and often are back to work in a week or two.

This patient underwent da Vinci surgery at 11:30 a.m. on May 3. She was home by 7:00 that evening. “I am amazed at how good I’ve felt about the whole thing,” she says. “I had little to no pain, and I never spent a day in bed.”

The shortened recovery time is “huge for women, especially single working women who don’t have the luxury of taking three months off,” she says. During her three-week medical leave, she regained enough energy to plant her garden, trim her roses, and oversee a new fence built in her yard.


She gives high marks to the RVMC team for demonstrating not only excellent skill, but also great compassion and respect. “The staff needs to be commended for their care of my feelings, listening to me, continually checking and taking care of my privacy,” she says. She requested an all-female nursing team in the operating room, and her request was honored. “It meant a lot to me. It was as big a deal to the staff as it was to me.”



* da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy: Bouncing Back Fast
Patient testimonial


Women talk. If you ask a friend how her recovery went after hysterectomy, she might tell you it was awful. Uncomfortable. Long.


That’s the picture Susan*had in mind when her doctor suggested a hysterectomy. “I was trying to avoid the traditional procedure,” she says. “Who wants significant pain and hospital stay, and a six- to eight-week recovery time?”


Thankfully, today women have options. Introducing daVinci robotic hysterectomy, a highly advanced procedure now available at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.


“This minimally invasive type of laparoscopic hysterectomy lends itself to rapid recovery because it is much less traumatic,” says Susan’s gynecologic surgeon, Paul Schroeder, MD, FACOG. In robotic surgery, he explains, even very small blood vessels can be cauterized preemptively at a microscopic level, which leads to minimal blood loss. Also, 3D technology gives the surgeon much better lighting and pinpoint visualization, so risk of injury to other organs is minimized. “That all leads to much less post-operative pain, nausea, and blood loss, and a quicker recovery,” he says.


Quicker recovery—indeed. Susan underwent robotic surgery on a Thursday. She felt well enough to go out to dinner the following day and to a movie on Saturday. “After the surgery, I felt very little pain and only had to take over-the-counter Advil for one day,” she explains. “It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.”

Remarkably, Susan returned to her job on Monday, just four days after surgery, and worked a full 40-hour week.

How did she bounce back so fast? Dr. Schroeder says a positive outlook helps. “Susan was generally healthy and had a very good attitude. She was motivated to recovery quickly and wanted to get back to work and life ASAP. That attitude makes a huge difference,” he says.


In addition to a fast recovery, Susan was equally impressed with the care she received, including the hospital bill. Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center offers a discount for paying charges in full. “I took advantage of that,” she says. “Everyone at the hospital was thorough, caring and timely. The experience was much better than what I could imagine.”